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Intel could not do native quad in 65 nm

by on21 September 2007


IDF 2007: That is why Kentsfield / Yorkfield are not native

Intel simply could not pull out good yields on a native quad core in 65 nanometre, and that is what some of the engineers have told us during IDF.

They said that they still think that Barcelona is a yield suicide and that despite the fact that Intel has the best transistors around it simply could not make such a chip.

K10 starts to look ok but it is six months late and AMD suffers severely because of that. Intel won't be easy on AMD even this year as SSE4 will boost Penryn even more and make the CPU even faster and after that comes Nehalem that will definitely put AMD in a very bad position.

Intel feels good being in a leading position again but it is concerned about AMD, as the company needs competition to get the FTC of its back.

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