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AMD working on OverDrive for CPUs

by on01 November 2007

Allows you to overclock your CPU

AMD is apparently working on a piece of software called AMD OverDrive which will allow users to overclock their AMD CPUs. No big deal, right? Well, actually it is, as this utility is quite different from anything we've seen before.

What AMD has done is enabled induvidual core overclocking, which means that you can run the cores on the upcoming quad core Phenom X4 at four different speeds if you decide to do so.

The software will allegedly also allow you to overclock the HyperTransport link speed, the Northbridge speed, the memory and the PCIe bus.

Judging from what is claimed to be a screen shot of this software, you can also enhance the CPU multiplier on the fly with the help of four sliders, one for each core.

You can check out a screen shot here as well as some more information.
Last modified on 01 November 2007
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