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Corsair has DDR 3 1066 samples

by on15 March 2007


CEBIT 2007: On Intel P35

Corsair actually has some working prototypes of DDR3 at 1066. We wrote quite a lot about this memory and it is starting to show its face at Cebit 2007.

Everyone has it and Corsair is showcasing it. It is cool but it wont ramp up that much in 2007. You need to be a part of DDR3 market but having a DDR 3 at the same speed as DDR 2 with even worst timing is really far from impressive. DDR3 we seen runs at 1066 and we saw that speed before.

Still Corsair and the gang will go for some really fast speeds including DDR 3 1333, 1600. P35 is the new Intel but this one officially cans support DDR 3 up to 1333 and the rest is overclocking.

This motherboard comes in Q2 2007 so this new Intel´s chipset is at least a few weeks from an official announcements. We also took some cool pictures of DDR 2 memory and we will have more of DDR3 tomorrow.



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