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ONFi announces new NAND Flash spec

by on15 November 2007

Almost 3x as fast

ONFi, or The Open NAND Flash Interface Working Group (yes, only part of the name spells ONFi), has released draft 0.9 of its upcoming new standard for NAND Flash memory and we're looking at a new interface speed increase from 50MB/s to 133MB/s.

Although there's still some work to be done, this new standard should improve the performance of a multitude of devices that rely on NAND type Flash memory, such as SSD drives.

Apparently, it's possible to build on the new ONFi 2.0 specification in the future and we're looking at 400MB/s for the next spec. The great news is that ONFi is backed by several large NAND memory manufacturers, such as Intel, Hynix, Micron, Phison STMicroelectronics and Sony.

Revision 2.0 should be ready for production in Q1 next year and it looks like we can expect some real speed increases in NAND based Flash products during next year. We can't wait.

Until then, you can find the press release here
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