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Corsair launches DDR2 1142MHz and DDR3 at 2000MHz

by on20 February 2008

4GB DDR2 kits and 2GHz DDR3

Corsair has announced that they're about to launch two new 4GB DDR2 kits before the end of this month, and we're looking at some seriously high clock speeds here. The new kits will come in at 1066MHz (PC2-8500) and 1142MHz (PC2-9136) and consist of two by 2GB modules.

With 4GB kits becoming increasingly popular, especially with the super low memory prices at the moment, it's not hard to see why Corsair has made these products, although we're not sure that the extra price premium of the 1142MHz modules over the 1066MHz will be worth it.

Corsair also announced some upcoming 2GB DDR3 modules using Corsairs DHX or Dual-Path Heat Xchange technology which will be clocket at 2GHz when they arrive later this quarter. We'd expect these DDR3 modules to be insanely expensive, but if you're a serious overlocker, then this might just be what you've been waiting for.

No prices or launch dates were announced, but you can find the full press release here
Last modified on 21 February 2008
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