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Kingston doesn't approve of SanDisk lawsuit

by on24 March 2008


Takes proactive action

According to Digitimes, Kingston and some of the other flash memory manufacturers sued by Sandisk, which we reported about here originally, are not taking the allegations sitting down and have now started to form strategic alliances against SanDisk.

Kingston has joined forces with Phison Electronics and has supposedly taken a leading roll in fighting the lawsuit. A-Data Technology has joined up with Afa Technologies and Skymedia, while Apacer Technology has joined forces with Transcend and Silicon Motion.

It's still not clear why SanDisk has sued the 25 flash memory manufacturers, but Digitimes is suggesting that with regard to Kingston, it seems like SanDisk is getting worried about the competition in several markets, as well as the fact that Kingston is now one of the most vocal companies that oppose the lawsuit.

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