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OCZ officially launches its triple-channel kits

by on17 October 2008


Total of six kits

OCZ is the first company in the memory manufacturing crowd that has officially announced its triple-channel, Core i7 loving kits. OCZ is going to launch a total of six kits, four in its Gold series and two in its Platinum series. Three kits in this new batch will be 3GB (3x1GB) kits, while the other three will be 6GB (3x2GB) kits.

Four of the newly announced kits will work at 1333MHz and two will work at 1600MHz. The Gold series will be represented by four kits, the OCZ PC3-10666 Gold 6GB and 3GB will work at 1333MHz at CL9-9-9-20 latencies. The OCZ PC3-12800 Gold 3GB and 6GB kits will work at 1600MHz and will have slightly lower CL8-8-8-24 latencies.

The last but not least are the Platinum 3GB and 6GB kits working at 1333MHz with CL7-7-7-20 latencies. These will probably appear at 1600MHz at a sometime later date, but we still can't confirm it. All kits are working at the same 1.65V, due to the limitation with the Intel's new Core i7.

All modules are 100 percent hand tested and all of them are backed by a lifetime warranty. These kits are not yet listed, but according to our info they should retail/e-tail below €300, at least some of them.


Last modified on 18 October 2008
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