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Corsair working on TEC memory cooler

by on05 November 2008


Craziest memory cooler yet?

We've seen a fair share of strange memory coolers over the years, and so far just about everything has been tried, be it heatpipes or watercooling, but it seems like Corsair just took the game to a whole other level if we're to believe the pictures Hexus has posted.

Although this is a work in progress, Corsair has designed a memory cooler with TEC elements in it and these are in term cooled by water. Apart from using something like liquid nitrogen, you're not going to get anywhere near the kind of temperatures a setup like this can offer, but we wouldn't expect sub zero temperatures.

It's far from the most elegant memory cooling solution we've seen, and there's still some doubt as to how much of an effect on the overclocking potential of the memory that this will offer, but it's undoubtedly an interesting piece of kit for extreme overclockers.

You can find the pictures and a bit more detail here

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