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Barracuda 1.5TB drive issues updated

by on11 November 2008


Seagate asks customers to contact support with issues

It seems that Seagate is now asking for additional help from buyers of the Seagate Barracuda 1.5TB drives with part number 9JU138-300 and 9JU138-336 using firmware versions SD15, SD17, and SD18.

Customers that are having random freezes, pauses, or hangs during writes are being asked by Seagate to contact technical support at 800-732-4283 in the U.S. and 405-324-4700 in Canada.

Seagate says that they have launched a full investigation into the issues and remain committed to solving the problems and addressing the issues that owners of this drive appear to be having. Right now the company does not believe that the issue is resulting in any data loss and the company is hopeful that they will be able to address the issue in the future with a firmware update.

In the meantime it seems that customers have had a variety of bad experiences in getting help from technical support. Users have complained about having being told that the drive does not support Linux, and even more unbelievably that the drive does not support RAID configurations, even though the Web site claims that this is one of the recommended applications for the drive.

Last modified on 11 November 2008
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