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Corsair's Dominator GT tri-channel kit does nearly 35GB/s

by on25 December 2008


DDR3 2000MHz 7-8-7-20

While the
industry is sailing off into 2009 after a smooth Nehalem platform launch, many DRAM manufacturers have already begun the process of refining their current triple channel kits.  From improvements in heat spreader designs to lower latency optimizations, one thing is for certain with this new platform - the need for continual enthusiast satisfaction is always a top priority.

A Corsair engineer who goes by the name bachus_anonym on the XtremeSystems Forums has given all of us hardcore bandwidth addicts a sneak preview of what is shortly to come from the company's Dominator series lineup.  The new ultra high-end enthusiast kit is appropriately named Dominator GT TR3X6G2000C7GT and will run DDR3 2000MHz at 1.65v with timings as low as 7-8-7-20.  Additionally, the preview depicts these sticks running just short of an incredible 35GB/s bandwidth speed.  Pricing remains unknown at this point, but they are set to release very shortly.

At the heart of this groundbreaking kit lies a new development of Elpida DDR3 SDRAM technology that have been in R&D for quite some time.  These new chips are based on the 50nm process and can deliver data transfer rates of up to 2500Mbps while operating at 1.2v, 1.35v and 1.5v voltages. 

In the world of blazing fast memory speeds, the linear increase in need for more performance is unquenchable to say the least.  However, as bachus puts it, this kit will be "the one to rule them all."

The full preview can be seen here.
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