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OCZ officially launches its low voltage kits

by on15 May 2009


4GB DDR2 at 1066, 1150 and 1200MHz

OCZ has officially unveiled its low voltage DDR2 kits from the Blade and Platinum series. We already wrote about these kits, and it looks like these babies should be quite good overclockers. All three kits work at 1.8V and feature the same 5-5-5-18 latencies.

OCZ has announced a total of six 4GB DDR2 kits, that work at either 1066, 1150 or 1200MHz. All of them are available with either Blade or OCZ's well known Platinum heatsink. The best thing is that similar kits from other vendors need at least 2.0V, while OCZ managed reach these speeds with 1.8V. OCZ has also implemented its extended voltage protection which means that you can raise voltage up to 1.85V without compromising the warranty.

The OCZ DDR2 1066MHz low voltage kits are already listed and selling at and you can check them out here.



Last modified on 15 May 2009
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