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320GB SSD in 34nm comes in Q4

by on19 June 2009


Intel to blame

Intel plans to unleash the latest edition of its X25-M MLC hard drives and this time they are talking about a serious storage update. In Q4 2009 Intel plans to release its first drives based on 34nm flash memory and it plans to release 320GB drive among the 160GB and 80GB ones.

Even the 1.8 inch MCP series currently branded as X18-M will be capable of storing a massive 320GB, again in 34nm.

We are sure that these drives will cost an arm or leg but they should be very fast at the same time. Intel is getting serious about these drives and they have strong partners like Kingston who can definitely push them hard in this market.

Our general opinion is that the SSD drives are still too expensive, but if you get one with a reasonably priced notebook, there is nothing to complain about.


Last modified on 19 June 2009
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