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OCZ extends warranty on some SSDs

by on22 June 2009


Vertex and Summit series

OCZ has silently extended its warranty on Vertex and Summit SSDs to three years. Of course, these SSDs are a part of OCZ's Enterprise and Performance series while the mainstream is still backed by two year warranty period.

It is nice to know that OCZ has extended its warranty period as consumers want to get something special when buying a piece of hardware, especially if you know that Summit and Vertex drives don't come cheap. The two year warranty is, what you would call, a standard these days, and companies have to either extend their warranty period or include certain bundles like Kingston.

For example, Patriot offers a two year warranty on both its Warp and TorqX SSDs, while Super Talent is already offering a three year warranty with its UltraDrive series, while the MasterDrive is still at two years.

OCZ's Vertex sells from €109,90 for the 30GB version all the way to €1099 for the Vertex EX version, and you can check them all here. The Summit series on the other hand sells from €224,68 for the 60GB version all the way to €713 for the 250GB one.

Considering the amount of money that you have to spill for one of these, the three year warranty might give that piece of mind that you were looking for.

Last modified on 22 June 2009
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