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Corsair halts sales of its Dominator GT lineup

by on08 July 2009


Elpida "Hyper" IC failing problems

, a current enthusiast favorite for selling the world record holding DDR3 memory modules, has stood up and announced that it will stop selling memory modules based on Elpida’s “Hyper” ICs. After several customer complaints were filed, the company has found some issues with the said ICs that are used in its top-model “Dominator GT” DDR3 lineup.


Apparently, the issue causes a relatively small number of DRAM modules to fail. “We have seen a number of reports across various forums about failures of modules (from Corsair as well as from other memory manufacturers) built with Elpida “Hyper” RAMs. Through lab testing, we have now been able to reproduce similar failures. We are continuing to test to determine the cause of these failures. Note that although a relatively small percentage of “Hyper” ICs appear to be affected, the rate of failure is not acceptable to Corsair or to our customers. Due to these failures, we will no longer sell Hyper-based modules until the issue can be resolved.”

The specific products affected include TW3X4G1600C6GTF (1600MHZ 6-6-6-18), TR3X6G1866C7GTF (1866MHz 7-8-7-20), TR3X6G2000C8GTF (2000MHz 8-8-8-24), TR3X3G2000C7GTF (2000MHz 7-8-7-20), and TR3X6G2000C7GTF (2000MHz 7-8-7-20).

Corsair will continue to support other modules on the market, but until the Hyper IC death issue is solved, they will be pulling the sticks from retail channels until the problem can be solved.

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