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Corsair unveils Dominator GTX 2250MHz DDR3 memory

by on04 December 2009


World’s fastest, launching December 8, 2009 at 9am PST

While the
information technology industry and its affiliates are consuming their annual dose of holiday shopping revenue from Black Friday and online sales, several of the more enthusiast niche manufacturers have decided to hold off for a few weeks to release the best of the hardware goodies.

Recently, Corsair’s memory division announced the launch of its new Dominator GTX ultra-high performance DDR3 memory modules for the Intel X58 platform, Intel P55 platform, and AMD high-end platforms. In short, these modules are definitely not for the faint of heart, average superficial consumer who sees the prefix “GTX” and proceeds to buy on impulse. According to the company, each module is individually screened and tested on multiple high-end Intel and AMD platforms to ensure operation at an incredible frequency of 2250MHz and low-latency timings of 8-8-8-24 at 1.65V. In other words, the Dominator GTX series is specifically catered for people like K|ngp|n, Shamino and the other famed characters at the XtremeSystems Forums who want to achieve the highest performance possible and break world records.

Not only have the Dominator GTX ultra-high performance memory modules been verified to run at DDR3 2250MHz CL8, but they have also been tested and verified to operate at 1800MHz CL6 in high-performance AMD Socket AM3-based platforms.


It is immediately noticeable that Corsair has provided memory overclocking fun for the whole family, particularly for those users running on high-performance X58 platforms, AM3 platforms, and brand new P55 platforms. The Dominator GTX series memory modules utilize the company’s unique DHX+ heatsink designs (model CMGTX2) with elongated cooling fins to maximize heat dissipation. For an even more robust cooling solution, Corsair recommends using the GT airflow fan with tall mounting brackets (CMXAF2 GTL) which are sold directly from its online store.

Those enthusiast overclockers who demand an absolute performance advantage edge over anything else the world has to offer for the next few months should be undoubtedly persuaded by the Corsair Dominator GTX ultra-high performance memory modules. In particular, model CMGTX2 will be the memory to buy, as the company states these are selectively screened by hand in multiple passes and cherry-picked at its headquarters in Fremont, California.

Due to the particularly furnished nature of the product series, these will be available in extremely limited quantities (for some reason, the Radeon HD 5970 comes to mind) and will be launched exclusively at the Corsair Online Store. The exact purchase date for these modules will be next Tuesday, December 8, 2009 at 9am Pacific Time. Somehow, we feel the sensational urge to place bets that these modules will sell out in under a minute's time. Nevertheless, it will be another interesting holiday shopping experience for the hardcore internet forum diehards to discuss next week.

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