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Super Talent to introduce USB 3.0 Flash drives

by on08 December 2009


320MB/sec promise for CES 2010

Only a
top few motherboards support USB 3.0 and some brave new innovators such as Super Talent are already coming with cool USB 3.0 devices.

The company pre announced that at CES it plans to showcase and launch its first, they claim word’s first USB 3.0 flash drive that will be capable of supporting all the way to 320MB/sec. USB 2.0 can manage up to 60MB/sec and you can easily see that new standard is more than five times faster than the previous one.

We are quite sure that other memory companies including Corsair and OCZ are working on their USB 3.0 devices and we expect to see quite a few of them in 2010.

Unfortunately, USB 3.0 won’t come to Intel southbridges until 2010, but motherboard and notebook manufacturers will be able to use third party chips to enable USB 3.0 support. Will be interesting to test USB 3.0 devices and to see if they can hit this 320MB/ sec promise.

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