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Intel's new SSDs are codenamed Lyndonville

by on23 December 2009


100, 200 and 400GB

Intel's desktop division plans a lot of SSD refreshes in Q4 2010 and one of them will bring new X-25 E drives codenamed Lyndonville. These drives are supposed to replace X25-E 32GB and 64GB that are currently among the fastest drives around, but in Q4 2010 these drives will get a significant capacity boost.

Intel plans three SKUs, where the lowest-capacity drive will end up at 100GB, the second one is cozily sitting in the middle with a capacity of 200GB and the biggest one will end up at 400GB.

They are all based on 34nm MLC process whereas current X25-E drives are based on 40nm SLC, the fastest technology available today.

So, lets see if these new Lyndonville drives will be able to have similar speeds to current SLC X25-E. Furthermore, with codenames such as these, we're guessing that Lyndonville codenam will be followed by Smallville.

Last modified on 23 December 2009
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