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Intel?s mobile Turbo to boost from 266+ to 1333+ MHz

by on05 January 2010


266+ MHz for four, 1333+ MHz for one core

Intel’s Turbo
feature will bring automatic overclocking to Core i5 and Core i7 mobile processors and many Calpella notebooks will feature it.

Explaining how it works and how much faster your new Core i5 / Core i7 will run is anything but easy as this will depend from many factors. If your CPU is cool and there is a place and necessity for Turbo, your quad core will be able to overclock all cores to 266MHz or a bit more. Intel calls this stage “when headroom exists” and you wont be able to influence it, it’s the hardware, bios, software combination.

In case Turbo decides to overclock only two cores the frequency in some cases will go all the way up to 1066MHz, if not slightly more. This will happen when the headeroom exists and you are using lightly threaded workload.

The third case scenario is when a single core gets Turbo overlcocked. This will happen for single threaded workloads and the core can go up all the way to 1333+ MHz.



Last modified on 05 January 2010
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