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600GB VelociRaptor on tap for WD

by on06 January 2010


10K RPM SATA drive expected later this year

Western Digital will be expanding its high-performance 10K RPM SATA drive VelociRaptor series drives with a new 600GB model that is expected to arrive later this year.

While no actual release details are available yet, WD will be moving to a 600GB two-platter design that will bump up the cache and is expected to use the latest 6Gbps SATA interface, although the interface selection has yet to be officially confirmed.

WD sees the market for a high performance hard drive solution to continue to be a very good balance between space and price when compared to SSD options. The latest 600GB VelociRaptor will represent the fifth generation in the Raptor product line. The increase in size is possible due to advances in areal density, and a single platter 300GB VelociRaptor will be released after the 600GB two-platter version arrives.

Perhaps the most interesting note is that the 600GB model is expected to retail for close to the same price that the current 300GB two-platter model VelociRaptor is selling for. This, of course, just goes to show how much of a value the 600GB model will be when released. While no release date was announced, it is expected that it will arrive in the next couple of months or likely in the spring, according to our sources.

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