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New drive may not carry VelociRaptor name

by on08 January 2010


Will likely still be part of the Raptor family, however

Our sources tell us that discussion is still going on within Western Digital as to whether the new 600GB two-platter drive that we told you about yesterday will carry the VelociRaptor branding. From what we hear, while it is likely that the drive will be a member of the “Raptor” family, it could be quite likely that it will not carry the “Veloci” branding but something else instead.

While everything is still undecided at the moment, it could be a chance for WD to expand the Raptor family branding, which would call attention to the high capacity and speed of the new 600GB offspring. It does seem like a good move to us as long as the make has the right name choice, as we all know that in the performance arena marketing and branding are everything. Stay tuned: we hear that a final decision should come at some point after CES.

Last modified on 08 January 2010
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