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Corsair shows its 16 and 24GB kits

by on07 April 2010


Dual and triple-channel

Corsair has launched two new Dominator branded DDR3 kits for Intel P55 and X58 based systems. The dual-channel 16GB and triple-channel 24GB kits feature blue Dominator DHX+ heatspreaders and are aimed at professional users, or applications that are very memory intensive.

Both kits are based on 4GB modules that work at 1600MHz with CL 9-9-9-24 latencies at 1.65V. Corsair aims these kits specifically for programmers, scientists, videographers and other data-intensive users, and with 1600MHz 4GB modules, Corsair did certainly made their day.

Both kits are already available at Corsair's online shop with a US $1,000 for the 16GB kit and US $1,450 for the 24GB one. You can find them here.


Last modified on 07 April 2010
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