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Corsair takes DDR3 a notch higher

by on07 May 2010


Releases 2533MHz Dominator module

Pushing ahead of the competition that have advertised 2500MHz kits, Corsair has unveiled its new Dominator module capable of working at 2533MHz with CL 9-11-10-30 latencies at 1.65V.

The new Dominator GTX4 is a 2533MHz 1GB module that uses hand picked and screened chips and features Corsair's quite famous DHX+ heatsink.

Since these kits are hand picked and specially screened you can expect a pretty high price tag, so the GTX4 2GB kit for P55 systems is now selling for US $325.

You can find it over at Corsair Online store.


Last modified on 07 May 2010
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