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Samsung launches 128GB SSD drives

by on07 January 2008


CES 2008:  10 USD per GB

Samsung has just announced its 128MB SSD 2.5 drives, and naturally it is targeting the mobile market. The chaps from Samsung believe that there is a market in the notebook area for SSD, as they are more robust and can easily survive the dropouts.

The desktop market is still not ready for SSD, except for gamers who normally spend a lot of money on a PC.  It will take years before the market matures.

The speeds of Samsung’s SSD drives are impressive. The 32GB and 64GB are available and Dell and Alienware are shipping them, and from now on 128GB version will be available.

The company promises the 80MB/s write speed and 100MB/s read speed, which is faster than anything that we have seen in a hard drive form before. It will be interesting to see this in action.
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