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Partiot showcases 128GB SSD

by on28 January 2008


DistreeXXL Still too early for this marchitecture

Partiot has Solid state drives up to 256GB, but it would be too expensive to bring them to market. The 128GB is the one that the company is showing off today, and it claims up to 133MB write speed and shock resistance.

This is the way to go, but compared to mechanical drives, SSD is simply way too costly. The prices are rapidly going down and Patriot's CEO said that the 256GB drive would be priced close to $4,000 some two years ago, while today it is priced about $1,000 and he expects that the prices will go further down.

SSD at 64GB is too small for most users, while 128GB is the right size to begin with; but €500 is definitely too steep for most users. If you want one, this is what it looks like.


Last modified on 29 January 2008
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