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120GB SSD can fall to $299 by Xmas

by on09 June 2008


Computex 08: Super Talent thinks

Super Talent is already out with its 120GB SSD drives and they sell for $639; they are listed and available at newegg. We are talking about the newest generation 2.5 inch drives with sequential access read at max 120MB/s and sequential access write at 40MB/s.

We did play with one of these drives and we can tell you that they are getting cheaper and faster by the day. Just a few months ago you would have to spend more than twice as much to get half of the capacity, but we believe that the prices of MLC memory are rapidly going down and therefore the SSDs are getting cheaper.

At Xmas time, there is a big chance that SSD, even at 120GB, might drop close to the $300 range, and although that would still be expensive  - shock resistance and the silent operation of the drive would make them attractive for many users.

Currently, the best drive for the money is SUPER TALENT FTM60GK25H 2.5" 60GB SATA Internal Solid state disk (SSD) – Retail that will set you back “only” $419.00. If you consider that this little thing is inaudible and almost indestructible, then it might be worth considering, especially if your notebook data is precious to you.

Last modified on 09 June 2008
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