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Nvidia lets more partners to make motherboards

by on27 March 2007


EVGA, XFX, BFG and Colorfull to makes i680i LR / 680i

Nvidia had a great success with its Nforce 680i chipset. It is a buggy one but what can we do when the EVGA motherboard is the best memory overclocker we ever had in our hands. DFI board based on RD600 chipset never seen the light of the day and we never got an alternative.

Nforce 680i SLI remains the best SLI motherboard for Core 2 Duo, Quad and extreme beating the Intel 975 / 965 by quite a margin. We will see does the upcoming P35 has any fighting chance. Design by Nvidia program will involve a few partners including EVGA, XFX, BFG and Colorfull and it means that Nvidia engineers created all hardware, software, driver and bioses for the boards.

The partners just provide the bundle and sells the board. They can do minor RMAs if they can handle it. Nvidia continues to be responsible for the design, development, and dissemination of all software and BIOS updates that are distributed to customers through participating program partners. This keeps Nvidia closer to its customers then they usually are.

There will be a broad family of design by Nvidia motherboards based on Nforce 680i LT available by the end of April and we already mentioned XFX one here.

The new chipset Nforce 680i LT SLI MCP is design for extreme gamers and will sell for less then $200 a board and will supports all Core 2 Duo / Quad / Extreme processors including the ones with FSB 1333 MHz. The Nforce 680i will feature dual PCIe 16X, SLI ready system with support for SLI memory including the EPP support, Raid 5, and some networking enhancements.

A Nforce 680i LT motherboard designed by a Taiwanese motherboard manufactures will come later.




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