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Gigabyte pulls out of ASUS partnership

by on27 March 2007


Enemies again

Gigabyte has decided that its alliance with long term rival ASUS to form a joint company is no longer worth it. The company was formed last year with Gigabyte would owning  a 51 percent and ASUS the remaining 49.

Called Gigabyte United, the company was only formally named in December, so the move is sudden. Sources inside the two companies say that it was Gigabyte which got cold feet.

It realised it  would have 49 per cent less revenue from motherboard and VGA sales and for the money that ASUS had invested it just was not worth it.

ASUS wanted the deal to continue and the two sides are not talking over the Gigabyte move. Our sources in Taiwan confirmed that the companies break apart but no one is sure about the real cause. It made many people very happy.


Last modified on 29 March 2007
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