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nForce 650i Ultra chipset motherboards

by on13 April 2007


Value chipset without SLI 


According to our friends at OCworkbench Nvidia will announce new nForce 650i Ultra chipset.

New value chipset is the same as 650i SLI just without the SLI.  We should see a lot of boards based on this chipset from the usual suspects such as EVGA, XFX, ECS because low and mid-range sells a lot better then high end. You just need to get the margins. The new 650 Ultra chipset will be available April-May and the whole board should cost $99.

The chipset supports Intel LGA775 800/1066 and upcoming 1333FSB Conroe processors. It is optimized for Nvidia graphics card, and we will have to wait and see how good it is for the money. ATI cards will work well on it as well. 

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