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DFI goes innovative on P35 chipset

by on20 July 2007

LANParty UT P35-T2R

DFI has announced a launch of its P35 chipset LANParty UT motherboard, Lanparty UT P35-T2R.

We all know DFI as the most enthusiast oriented motherboard maker, especially for its Lanparty motherboard series. DFI was the first to put digital VRM, CMOS clear button called EZ Clear and separate audio module. Today DFI has introduced its vision of Intel's P35 chipset.

DFI LP UT P35-T2R/T3R can be paired with Intel's dual and quad core processors, with support for FSB 1333MHz. Board itself is based on P35 + ICH9R chipsets. The T3R model will support DDR3 memory, while the T2R is a DDR2 motherboard.


It just wouldn't be DFI Lanparty without something new and different to offer, this time its a new way, or better say approach in cooling the SB, NB and VRM. Concept is the same as we could see on most of the motherboards. Copper (some use only aluminium) pipe that connect heatsinks on SB, NB and VRM. Now the new stuff, DFI will bundle a an extension joint (Transpiper) which is to carry the heat from the heatpipe system on the motherboard out of the case to yet another heatsink which should be positioned behind the PSU fan. Interesting concept, but it will be stuck with cases that has top positioned PSU.


DFI designers put an effort in Crossfire + Physics design, so the PCIe slots are separated by 2 additional PCI slots. Of course, such high-end board deserves high end 8-phase Digital VRM, overclockers rejoice. Karajan sound module has been replaced with new "Bernstein Audio" module based on Realtek ALC885 chip.

Pricing and availability hasn't been announced, but such high-end board will surely have a high price-tag.



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