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New Nvidia chipset in November

by on23 July 2007

MCP78 with DX10 IGP

If information posted over at VR-Zone is correct, then we should be seeing the next IGP solution from Nvidia by Novemeber and this time we're talking integrated GeForce 8-series graphics and DX10 support.

The MCP78 will support AMD processors and with HT 3.0 we're talking AM2+ here as well as PCIe 2.0.

According to the information posted at VR-Zone, we're looking at three different models for difference price points. There will be a U, S and D (seems like Nvidia is thinking a lot about money) version of the MCP78, with the U version having the fastest integrated graphics solution with the S model being slower and the D model lacking integrated graphics all together.

The pricing information doesn't seem right, as no-one is going to pay US$70-80 for a chipset, although this almost seems to cheap for a board based on a brand new chipset.

The U and S version will support PureVideo HD, but more importantly, both of these chipsets will support Hybrid SLI. Nvidia is supposedly talkin a 40 percent performance increase here in combination with a mainstream graphics card and the onboard graphics working together.

You can read the VR-Zone story here
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