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AMD RS780 details appears online

by on31 July 2007

Another leak at AMD

AMD seems to have some problems with leaks these days and now more information about its RS780 chipset has made it online. What we already knew was that this chipset was going to support HyperTransport 3.0, AM2+ CPU's and have next gen integrated ATI graphics.

What's new is that the RS780 will feature UVD and that it will support Display port on top of DVI, HDMI and D-sub for monitor connectivity. The RS780 can also be used with two displays simultaneously, which means that it can drive a PC display and a TV at the same time.

The RS780 will also get back the local frame buffer, something that never really got used when ATI tried it last time around. It will also support PCI Express 2.0 and have one x16 connector and an unknown ammount of spare lanes for additional connectors and onboard peripherals.

The RS780 should also be paired with the new SB700 southbridge, although we might see this appear on some RD790 boards as well, since it should be the new and improved southbridge from AMD. It adds support for up to 12 USB ports and six SATA connectors, but it looses the PCI Express lanes of the SB600.

Finally AMD is working on something it calls HyperFlash, which is its take on Turbo Memory, but AMD allows third party memory and controllers to be used, so this should be a far more cost effective solution than Intel's Turbo Memory. An interesting thing here is that HyperFlash will connect to the IDE port on the motherboard, which means that if you add a HyperFlash module, you won't be able to use any IDE devices with the motherboard.

Expect the RS780 to appear sometime later this year. More here

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