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Foxconn Digital Connector makes an apperance

by on30 August 2007

For future addons

We've got our hands on a picture up a new connector that will apear on Foxconn's upcoming X38 board which very much looks like a Display Port connector, but aparently it's not.

It's called the Foxconn Digital Connector or FDC and the only thing we know is that it's for upcoming digital entertainment and communications products.

Sounds mysterious to us and as far as we know, you can route the signal from a graphics card via a PCI Express x16 slot to a connector on the motherboard, as if you could it would make a sort of sense to add an Display Port connector on the board.

If you want to check out more pictures of the board itself you can head over to TweakTown which has several pictures of what should be the final version, you can find the pictures here



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