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Asus ROG X38 board has X48 chipset

by on03 September 2007


Coming soon

Asus ROG
X38 might be the best overclocking board around and we’ve heard that it might be the first board with the X48 version of the X38 chipset. We are not sure if the final name will include X38 or X48 as the brand. ROG stands for Republic of Gamers and no, it is not a real country.

As we’ve said before, it's the cherry picks of the X38 chipset that will overclock even higher and it will set the bars even more.This board will have the X48 chipset and it will cost €250+ and it will leave all the P35 boards eating dust.

A lot of people are excited about this board, but even more so the manufacturers of DDR3 memory.

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