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Universal Abit IP35-PRO gets an upgrade

by on22 October 2007


Rev 1 goes to Rev 1.1

Universal Abit
have upgraded their IP35 Pro motherboard to Rev 1.1. According to Abit, these are cosmetic manufacturing changes, with an identical generic component taking the place of a previous, now unavailable component. The problem is, it is not as cosmetic as was first believed. Some end users have found the actual clock gen has changed. You can see this in these pictures that were posted worldwide.  See here.

In addition, there are rumors that the BIOS settings for the Front Side Bus (FSB) originally had a ceiling of 600FSB, but now it is possible to go to as high as 750 FSB. It must be noted, however, that the settings in BIOS are simply possibilities, not actual settings you are likely to get working. Just as an indication, Robert “Crotale” Kihlberg , the Swedish Overclocking Champion, managed to overclock the IP35 Pro at Computex earlier this year, reaching a ceiling of 610 FSB on a E6300 Core2Duo Intel CPU using an Engineering BIOS. That record at the time was the highest ever FSB on a P35 chipset.

This added depth for overclockability will make the IP35-Pro even more attractive to prospective buyers of a stable motherboard. Not only is it great at overclocking and available at a good price, it performs great and the components are deemed to be of the highest quality. Check out the IP35-Pro here.
Last modified on 24 October 2007
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