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Albatron Core 2 Duo mini ITX board coming soon

by on31 October 2007

Has x16 PCIe slot

Albatron has sort of disappeared from everyone's radar, as it seems as if the KI690-AM2 board never really hit retail. We met up with the compay yesterday and they're far from gone.

Although their main market at the moment is graphics cards, they announced an 8800 GT along with everyone else, they're still making motherboards and they are specifically trying to move into what they referred to as the application market.

They showed us their latest mini ITX board, the PI965, which is based on the Intel GME965 chipset combined with the ICH8-M. If you know your chipsets you'll know that this is the latest mobile chipset from Intel and that the board supports mobile Core 2 Duo or Celeron processors.

It has some rather interesting features, such as built-in component video out, DVI, optical S/PDIF and dual Gigabit Ethernet. It also has an x16 PCI Express slot and a bottom mounted mini PCI slot for expansion. This means that you could fit a better graphics card and a Wi-Fi or TV-tuner card into the mini PCI slot.

The board also supports dual channel memory, as it uses two SODIMM slots much like the KI690-AM2. It has three SATA connectors, a single IDE connector, internal headers for parallel and serial ports, and it can support up to eight USB 2.0 ports.

You can find the product page here although there's not much information there currently.

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