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Xbox 360 & PC get Battlestar next week

by on19 October 2007


Australian developer to deliver something different

an Australian based developer, is having a busy month with the release of Fury, its massive on-line action game, along with the announcement from Sierra Online that the Australian developer will deliver Battlestar Galactica starting October 23rd for the PC and October 24th via Xbox Live for the 360 platform.

The new Battlestar Galactica game is based on the popular new television series that has been showing on the Sci-Fi Channel, rather than on the older television series by the same name from the 1970s and ’80s. The game will include ten missions in a flight-combat environment with a total of eight different ships to fly. In addition, the game will feature multiplayer modes, including domination, deathmatch, and team deathmatch. The game will support up to 16 players in the PC version or 8 players in the Xbox 360 version. Players can play the game as a part of either the human or Cylon teams.

PC owners will be able to download the game or purchase it at retail locations for US$19.99, while Xbox 360 owners will have to spend 800 Microsoft points (US$10) to purchase the game in the Xbox Live Marketplace. The game will be rated E for ages 10+.

The initial buzz surrounding the game has been very positive. The graphics from the screen shots that we have seen look quite impressive. The concepts for the levels are based on episodes within the new television series, which really comes as no surprise given the current series’ high ratings. In the past, games based on science fiction television shows have not fared very well, so it will be interesting to see what Auran can deliver with the new Battlestar Galactica game.

As big fans of the television series, you can be sure that we will be watching.

Last modified on 19 October 2007
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