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Driver problems with Vista

by on10 April 2007


Both Nvidia and ATI can't deliver proper drivers

Writing Vista drivers seems to be a bigger problem than anybody could anticipate. A few weeks ago, ATI had a major embarrassment when users found out that the X1950 GT won't work with driver version 7.2. ATI dug itself out of the mud and Nvidia fell into the same pit.

The new 8x00 series from Nvidia has arrived, and all that reviewers can do with the new cards is take photos of them. Vista drivers are unfortunately still not fully ready.

ATI cards have Windows Vista certificate logo and at the same time X1950GT doesn't work with Vista, even with the new drivers people are moaning about various blue screens of death.

New 8x00 series will come out with a BIG "Vista ready" logo, but we are wondering will it really ready, or "ready".


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Last modified on 10 April 2007
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