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Intel to make changes to G-series chipset

by on06 February 2009


Features will be modified

We're hearing rumours about Intel making some changes to a couple of its G4x-series chipsets, more specifically the G43 and G41. Apart from the IGP, there hasn't been much that differentiates between the various G4x parts, but with the planned changes, even less seems to differentiate them from each other.

First up is the G43 which is actually getting a feature downgrade, as Intel is looking at cutting two memory slots, so in other words the G43 chipset will only support two rather than four DIMMs in the future. This seems like a strange move and we're not sure what Intel can possibly save in terms of cost by this move. However, it might be that Intel wants to push more G45 chips which it can sell for more money than the G43 chipset.

Oddly enough, the G41 chipset has been given an upgrade, as Intel is planning on adding HDMI support to this entry level G4x-series chipset, something that wasn't part of the original specifications. This move has us scratching our heads, as this means that the G41 is likely to steal market share from the G43 chipset. The G41 does lack some of the features of the G43 chipset, but none of them seems to be significant enough to make a difference once the G41 chipset gets HDMI support, as neither chipset is for high-end systems.
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