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Nvidia rebrands the 780a

by on10 February 2009


Guess what component we'll rename next


Well, since Nvidia isn't keen on letting go of their rebranding marketing techniques, we're starting to think that a TV show appropriately named "Guess What Component We'll Rebrand Next" is in order. The latest in line of old equipment with a new name is Nvidia's 780a chipset - now known as the 980a SLI.

So the (recent) history is repeating itself - OEMs happily rubbing their hands, Nvidia snuggly waving like the Queen herself all the while being mighty pleased about its new and improved hardware, compared to the oh so outdated 780a. Does anyone even remember it?

So, if you’re not happy with your 780a, be sure to go out and buy yourself a 980a SLI, as it’ll be a massive lift, albeit mostly for the company itself. Or on second thought, I would sure love to see people sending in their 780a for the Nvidians to upgrade with an eraser and careful re-spray painting of one number.

Last modified on 10 February 2009
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