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Tigerpoint Atom chipset is ICH7

by on13 February 2009



Nvidia is probably the most famous company that keeps rebranding its chips but it looks like Intel is not immune to this nasty habit either.

In time of ICH10 Southbridge shipping, mentioning that your 2010 CPU has ICH7 Southbridge sounds rather weak, so Intel has found a cure for it.

They simply renamed the ICH7 to Tigerpoint and all of a sudden this platform sounds much more attractive. Intel is doing this deliberately as they could've found a way to get better Southbridge support inside, but the Atom is already good enough to threaten the sales of many Celeron, Pentium and Core 2 based notebooks on the market.

So the new Dimondville-SC is actually the good old Atom with graphis and memory controller moved to the chip but again based on i945GSE while the ICH7 Southbridge got renamed to Tigerpoint. Intel does promise some better speeds and higher FSB / memory support and this will be the key differentiating point, as from the architectural point of view, we are talking about a very similar platform to the original Atom one.

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