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EVGA X58 SLI Classified pushed to 2nd week of March

by on25 February 2009


More BIOS and hardware enhancements

Earlier this month, we reported that EVGA’s flagship X58 SLI Classified 141-BL-E759-A1 motherboard was going to release between mid-February and the end of February. However, due to some unforseen changes on the company’s side of business, they have decided postpone the product until the middle of March.

From the time of our original statement until now, the board has undergone a surge of high anticipation from many enthusiasts spanning several forums, particularly within EVGA’s own community. When asked for a response to the delay, the company’s product manager Jacob Freeman stated the following:

"Originally, the X58 SLI Classified was on schedule to release at the end of February. While this is true, unfortunately, there are a lot of things that can happen during development, and production of the board will be delayed by a week or two. With that being said, unfortunately, it will likely miss by 1 to 2 weeks, so we are now looking at the second week of March. Also, the standard EVGA X58 SLI board will still be in full production.  Please remember that the Classified is a premium board at a higher price."

On another note, a pre-production board tester who goes by the alias of raja1 on the EVGA Forums made the following remark on February 23rd:

The board has undergone a revision to add another feature that I do not have in the engineering sample board I was sent, [and] you will have to wait to find out what that is, along with a vDIMM ramp-up change. There have been BIOS changes and enhancements over the past 2 weeks including the MCH frequency strap that was just added to the BIOS of the [original] X58 board, which will further improve overclocking performance.”

As a result of the board being delayed, many enthusiasts who purchased the original EVGA X58 on launch day or in November have been concerned about the possibly of being offered a Step-Up to the Classified. When asked if EVGA would extend the Step-Up to early adopters, the company responded that there are currently no plans to extend the Step-Up period yet. Ultimately, the keyword here is "yet" which indicates a possibility with no guarantees.

Nevertheless, we can be assured that EVGA's team is working its absolute best to get its flagship motherboard just right. They know this product means a lot not only to them as a company, but also to their large consumer base of enthusiast system builders. Moreover, we look forward to seeing this board in the retail channel shortly.

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