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Intel's official comment on Nvidia's Ion

by on25 February 2009

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Nvidia wants to redefine the netbook

We managed to get an official response on our Intel starts anti-Ion propaganda article that we posted two days ago, here.

Intel declined to talk about the FUD document, but it was kind enough to send us the following statement.

“Netbooks are for basic internet tasks, such as browsing, email, social networking, etc. While we can understand why nVidia would want to re-define the category to suit their needs, the fact of the matter is netbooks are not intended to be nor have they ever been, designed for higher end graphics or for use as gaming machines. Clearly this would also introduce additional cost to an already bare-bones platform.”

Intel is very smart and they don’t want to trash the Ion platform, but it is more than obvious that it is not really pleased with the fact that Nvidia wants a part of this market. We are sure that this won’t be the last of it.

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