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Nvidia can buy a chipset license

by on16 March 2009


Intel begs to differ 

Last week Intel’s representatives at Cebit have told us that Nvidia could reach out and buy a chipset license. Intel and Nvidia obviously have different opinions whether Nvidia can make future chipsets for Intel QPI CPUs or not.

Nvidia believes that it has licences for all chipsets, while Intel believes that Nvidia doesn’t have a license for QPI chipsets. Nvidia is happy with its DMI license and there will be an Ion 2 chipset MCP89 by the end of the year that will work with Atom, Pentium and Core 2 generation of CPUs but not with any Nehalems.

Just as Intel didn’t believe that Via had a licence back in 2000, history is repeating and we hope that Nvidia will have better luck than Via.

Last modified on 16 March 2009
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