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MCP82 is MCP72 with AM3 certification

by on19 March 2009


Asus only board partner so far

Although the nForce 980a chipset was leaked by Asus some time ago, it seems looks like Nvidia is getting ready to get launch it in the very near future. The nForce 980a or MCP82XE as it's also known as, isn't a new chipset as such, as we've reported, since it's the MCP72XE (nForce 780a) with AMD3 certification for both DDR2 and DDR3.

All this re-branding by Nvidia is getting mighty tiresome by now and the only reason that they can get away with all of this is because the general consumer isn't aware of all the facts. In the past a chipset just used to get re-verified and retain its name when a minor thing like this was done, but these days it seems like the marketing machinery has taken over at Nvidia and new names are needed for every minor product change.

So far we're only aware of the Asus M4N82 Deluxe which is using this chipset and Asus has added the board to its website already. This is suggesting that the changes really are very minor and we doubt that Nvidia will do more than issue a press release when this "new" chipset launches.

You can find the Asus product page here
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