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Nvidia ION to launch this quarter

by on02 April 2009


Getting a little bit closer to becoming real products

Despite Nvidia's problems with Intel, it seems like the company isn't slowing down and the launch of the ION platform is not set to happen this quarter, which means anytime between now and the end of June. Our guess is Computex, but we could be mistaken.

Nvidia issued a press release yesterday (no, it's not an April fools) where they state strong support from a wide range of software developers ranging from Adobe, Google and CyberLink to a wide range of game developers such as DICE (the company behind the Battlefield series) and Microsoft Games.

It's good to see the industry wide backing of the platform, but we're wondering if Nvidia isn't doing most of this for show and as to give the finger to Intel. There really isn't anything that remarkable about the ION platform, as it's simply one of Nvidia's chipsets paired up with Intel's low-cost Atom CPU. In saying that, we're very keen on seeing the first ION devices, as they have a lot of potential if the price end up being right.

We particularly found this quite from Google quite amusing “NVIDIA and Google will bring the Earth into view for millions of new users,” said Stefan Kuhne, Google Earth software engineer. “We’re really impressed with how well Google Earth will run on affordable PCs powered by ION graphics processors. It will raise the industry standard for entry-level graphics.”

You can find the press release here
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