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Hitachi develops intelligent steering wheel

by on25 October 2007


Reads your fingers

electronics giant Hitachi has built a steering wheel that enables the driver to use his or her fingers as switches for the engine, car stereo and navigation system. Unlike some steering wheels, which have buttons, this version has a device that reads the driver's finger veins.

Masahide Hayashi of Hitachi's Sensor Design department explained at the Tokyo Motor Show that all he had to do was place his index finger on the reader. He said, "It recognizes it's me. If I put the finger on again, it starts the engine. When the middle finger is on the device, it sends a command to play music which has been registered in accordance to my taste." The ring finger starts the navigation system.

The system might be put intp practical use. although it hopes to launch it within three or four years.
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