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Internet will reach into the Solar system

by on25 October 2007


Vint Cerf predictions

father of the worldwide Web, Vint Cerf, has predicted that in the next few decades the Internet will become interplanetary.

Speaking to, Cerf indicated that there will be a common set of communications protocols that will allow sensors on spacecraft, satellites and planets to transmit information to each other and back to Earth. He thinks that search engines like Google will organize all that data.

He said that the there will be an interplanetary backbone over the next 20, 30 or 40 years. There will be data coming back from space, which Goggle and similar engines will help to organize, as they currently  organize everything else. Google hired Cerf in September 2005 to be its Internet evangelist.

The interplanetary backbone will grow as new private and publicly funded missions are launched into the solar system.

Cerf indicated that as time goes on a new kind of interplanetary backbone will be compiled as resources are collected from these various space engine information sources. Some of them will be located on the surface of planets, some on satellites, some in orbit and some will be simply flying free range.

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