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Spectec working on smaller SDIO WiFi cards

by on25 October 2007

IP Comm Asia: Standard micro SD card size

Spectec is
something of a pioneer and a loner in the world of SDIO peripherals, as nearly every other company out there has stopped making SDIO devices due to the lack of demand.

However, there are still plenty of entry level Windows Mobile devices that lack features such as Wi-Fi and even some higher end devices, as the recently announced HTC Touch Dual. Spectec will most likely come back into popularity with its new micro SD Wi-Fi adapter for products like that.

Spectec already has a micro SD card adapter, but the problem is that it's too big to fit into a normal micro SD card slot and thus requires an external slot to fit. The new model will fit completley into a standard micro SD card slot.

When asked when the product would launch, we were only told "soon," which is not very helpful. Our guess is that it's not too far away.

You can find Spectec's website here

Last modified on 25 October 2007
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