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MSI officially announces Big Bang motherboard

by on09 October 2009


Mix and match your graphics cards


The latest motherboard to be announced by MSI goes under the catchy name of Big Bang, delivering a P55 based gaming motherboard with Logic's Hydra 200 chip, allowing for so far unprecedented mix-and-match-GPUs scenarios.

That's not all though as MSI decided to implement Quantum Wave audio technology, which is a fancy name for a combination of THX TruStudio PC and Creative Eax Advanced HD 5.0 , which gamers and audiophiles will surely know how to appreciate.

We on the other hand are more interested in Big Bang's Hydra 200 performance, as it should allow for scenarios such as an HD 4870 and a nGTX 260 running in the same rig with the load being equally balanced. Now who'd say no to that? (Fanboys, who currently make up 32.3% of the gaming public. Fact. sub.ed.)

The board launches on 29th of October, but if you're impatient to learn more you can check out LegitReviews' hands on with Big Bang here.

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