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Motherboard makers not keen on Intel's G4x chipsets

by on13 October 2009


They're pants

Apparently Intel's motherboard partners are anything but thrilled by the chipmaker's G41 and G43 chipsets. In fact, they seem to like the old G31 better.

The G41 does offer slightly better graphics than the G31, but in that particular market nobody really cares. The problem is that it has worse CPU compatibility, and it also seems to have lower memory and drive performance than the old G31.

What's more, things don't bode well for the G43 either. The G41 already features HDMI and it will get improved memory support, thus making the G43 rather pointless.

In spite of Intel's tech prowess on most fronts, AMD clearly offers superior chipsets in this market segment and this has been the case for years now.
Last modified on 13 October 2009
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